My name is Sviatoslav Otchenash and I am a Grand Master and the creator of AcademyS company.

I have over 7 years of experience in permanent make-up  and 6 years of work as a PMU trainer. Thanks to my extensive background in the art tattoo industry and professional art education, I was able to achieve high-class results in PMU within a short period of time and create unique techniques that are worldwide known.

My team of trainers works all over the world and is constantly growing from the number of my students. Training systems are done in a way that they suit master with any work experience. All the master classes that you visit have training materials with accessible formulations and easy to repeat.

Step-by-step instructions and primary focus on significant details help my students to improve their skills and make a career in a short time. It’s important that my students don’t get from master class just advertising of products and brands, because for me, nothing matter more than giving my students valuable information and techniques that they could apply in their work.

On the event page, you may see organizer contact details, date and master class schedule. Click on organizer in order to contact him directly to get all the information about the venue, event format and ask any of your questions. Click on ‘add to calendar’ and event will be added to your phone calendar automatically.